Venus II Water Birth Pool

The concept for this iconic birthing pool was conceived in the mid-80's and has evolved ever since
Designed to meet medical grade health and safety standards,
the Venus II takes pride of place in hundreds of maternity units world-wide

Originally developed in 1987 with help of obstetricians, midwives and healthcare specialists this best selling pool remains true to the original but incorporates significant innovations in design, materials and manufacture that take it to new levels of usability and end-user satisfaction.

The mid-size Venus II is only slightly smaller inside than the luxurious Active Birth Pool with most of same key features .

Mothers have plenty of room to move freely, instinctively finding the most comfortable and beneficial positions.

The rounded bull nose shape rim wraps around the pool giving mothers a firm handhold in whatever position they’re in.


Midwives and partners sit closely in comfort with their arms resting on the extra-wide rim and legs tucked well under the pool.

The versatile support seat is designed to actively encourage mothers to move into positions that encourage their pelvis to open.

The distinctive groove down the middle allows the sacrum to move freely and not impinge the birth canal.

Mothers also use the seat for support in a wide range of upright positions natural to labour and birth, or to sit on, lean back and rest to welcome her baby after the birth.

The extra-wide front rim makes it easy for mothers to get in and out of our pools.
They just sit on it and swivel – simple and safe!

The extra-wide rim and single step unit make it exceptionally simple and safe for mothers to get into our pools.

The Venus II can be supplied with Multi-colour LED Lighting and Bluetooth Sound to personalise the ambiance of the room.

Place your cursor on the 3D model above to move it around.


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