We've supplied thousands of specially designed water birth pools to hospitals worldwide

Below a collection of testimonials that speak for themselves,
and milestones that illustrate how we’ve developed over the years.

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1989: world’s first specially designed water birth pool for installation in hospitals

Following success with his portable pools founder Keith Brainin was asked by obstetrician Yehudi Gordon to develop a water birth pool for the birth centre at the Garden Hospital in North London

2015: Meadow Birth Centre, Worcester Hospital

The new birth centre creates a suite of state-of-the-art water birth rooms with Active and Venus Birth Pools and goes onto win the ‘Birth Centre of the Year’ award.

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2017: Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

Midwives celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of their water birth facility. Though 25 years old their Deluxe Pool still appears to have plenty of life left in it.

“When asked about the history of birthing pools in hospitals, I mention the day when Keith Brainin realised that special bath tubs might be designed and commercialised to meet the needs of labouring women.” Michel Odent – water birth pioneer, obstetrician and author

2016: Health Foundations Birth Centre, Minneapolis

Director Amy Johnson-Grass says, “We have two  Venus Pools and couldn’t be happier. They’re ergonomically friendly and offer adequate space for mothers to explore positions. The seat works for both sitting and leaning on. The handles are perfect for squatting. Easy to clean. Superb quality.”

Mid 90’s: Deluxe Water Birth Pool

Following director Keith Brainin’s meeting with health service ergonomist Sue Hignett he began incorporating ergonomic principles into the design of his water birth pools. The shape of today’s Venus pool is here in nascent form with wide rims and cut-away side panels to allow midwives to sit comfortably.

“Not only are they gloriously spacious and inviting, they are made to the highest specifications and considerations to maximise comfort and safety.

In short, they are second to none!”

Sheena Byrom OBE -Activist, Midwife, Speaker and  Author

1987: Active Birth Centre, London

Having been inspired by water birth pioneer Michel Odent, Keith develops the world’s first specially designed water birth pool.
A portable pool constructed of fibreglass panels with waterproof liner for use for home and hospital births.

2015: Building Better Healthcare Award Winner

The judges commended the Active Birth Pool saying that, “All aspects of design, engineering and manufacture were focused on to develop a water birth pool of unparalleled beauty, quality, functionality and durability.”

2013: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

We supplied four Venus Birth Pools with mood lighting to this bespoke midwifery led service. The pools play an integral role in fulfilling the centre’s mission of making mothers feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

2014: Princess Pool, Chorley and Preston Birth Centre, Lancashire

Senior Midwife Joanne Talbot says, “We love you birth pools so much that we have one in every room of our birth centre”

1989: John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Childbirth activist and author Sheila Kitzinger and water birth specialist midwife Ethel Burns raise money to purchase a water birth pool. This is the first specially designed birthing pool to be installed in an NHS Hospital.

2016: Greenwich Birth Centre, London

The midwifery team who specialise in assisting with natural labour and birth conduct an exercise to see how many midwives can fit in an active birth pool.

2008: Barkantine Birth Centre, London

With five active birth pools this midwife led Birth Centre was the first of its kind in London. The centre was set up to create a relaxing environment for mothers during labour with as little medical intervention as possible.

2017: Venus Birth Pool

“I’ve used Active Birth pools for over 17 years. They’re really beautiful, technically perfect and exceptionally easy to use.”
Dr Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho PhD, MSc, RM – Lecturer in Midwifery

2017: Fernandez Hospital- Hyderabad, India

When we introduced water birth as options for women at Fernandez Hospital, we opted for Active Birth Pools. We have had no cause for regret. Thank you, Keith Brainin for getting us started on this journey.

Evita Fernandez FRCOG Chairperson, Fernandez Foundation

2014: Active Birth Pools moves manufacturing to Design and Form

Teaming up with long established manufacturer Design and Form to fabricate pools in Ficore resins with specialised manufacturing and engineering techniques places Active Birth Pools firmly at the forefront of the birth pool market.

2017: Sunshine Coast Hospital, Australia

We supply 16 x Venus Pools to this new development.Director or midwifery Cathy Styles says,”In the new hospital, it’s all around the woman – the woman’s comfort and the woman’s privacy. We want women to feel more relaxed and then they labour better.”

2018: Dutch midwives visit the Lotus Birth Centre at the Royal London Hospital

Sylvia Damme and Marie-Jose Gremme were so impressed with what they saw that they went back and arranged for two Active Birth Pools to be installed at their maternity unit soon after.

2017: Channecy Genevois, France

We supply a Venus Birth Pool to this forward thinking hospital. Head midwife Catherine Verrecchia said, “I saw the pool today and I was delighted, it’s more spacious than I thought it would be and so comfortable to work with”

2010: Venus Birth Pool

Midwife Rachel Stapleton says.” I consistently hear from moms how much they love the pools! The space and depth allow them to benefit fully from the buoyancy.  As a midwife, I love the fact that I can move around the tub and catch babies from any position.”

2017: Active Birth Pool

“Beautiful pools and wonderful to see the history of their development. Thank you for all you have done and designed for women, their babies and partners over the last 30yrs to make birth more comfortable and peaceful.” Amanda Edwards – midwife and active birth teacher.

2018 – Venus Pool, Birth Centre

“We purchased two Venus Birth Pools a few years ago and we love them! They have been a game changer for us! The pools are deep and easy for our staff to work around. No more complaints from patients or staff! We highly recommend Active Birth Pools.” Stephanie Keen-Carlson, Midwife

2016: Kätilöopisto Maternity Hospital, Finland

We supplied two Active Birth Pools to this hospital. Since then many other Finnish hospitals have followed suit. Feedback from midwives was very positive – “Thank you, our new birth pools are stunning, they’re incredibly comfortable and easy to use”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Brainin since 1985. His expertise in birth pools is unparalleled. He is professional to work with and the high standard of the birth pools has resulted in them withstanding the test of time and many births”
Yehudi Gordon MB BCh, MD, FRCOG, FCOG SA  Author and water birth pioneer

2020: new £1.5m midwife-led birth centre opens at at Warrington Hospital

Focusing around four state-of-the-art Active Birth Pools, the birthing suites feature sofas, birthing cubes, cushions and wall art with mood lighting; music and candles creating a relaxed, peaceful and calm experience.

2017: Makatimed Hospital, Philippines

“MakatiMed’s Water Immersion Facility recreates the comfort of home birth and combines it with the safety of giving birth in a world-class medical center,” said Sonia E. Bongala, MD

1997: Edgeware Birth Centre, North London

Set up as the first stand alone midwife staffed birthing centre with four Active Birth Pools and a home-away-from-home atmosphere, Edgeware Birth Centre has gone onto serve as a model for the growth of birth centres world-wide.

“Even birth pools do not always permit free movement. Some pools are elaborate constructions with seats, handgrips and foot-rests. Movement in them is restricted, whereas Keith’s pools allow mothers to move freely to find the most beneficial positions”
Sheila Kitzinger MBE – author and childbirth activist

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