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Down load a list of maternity units we’ve supplied over the past 37 years
to find out what midwives and healthcare professionals have to say.

“When asked about the history of birthing pools in hospitals, I mention the day when Keith Brainin realised that special bath tubs might be designed and commercialised to meet the needs of labouring women.”
Michel Odent – water birth pioneer, obstetrician and author

“The new pool has been specially designed to be easily accessible, with improved seating and design so women can sit on the side or lean over and adapt different positions during labour. Multi-colour lighting adds  to the ambiance of the room helping to create a more relaxed environment.” Sophie Moss – Senior Midwife, Royal Stoke’s Maternity Centre

When we introduced water birth  in 2017  at Fernandez Hospital, we choose Active Birth Pools. We have had no cause for regret. As an obstetrician, Thank you, Keith Brainin for getting us started on this journey.
Evita Fernandez FRCOG, Chairperson Fernandez Foundation

“The best pools for the Birth Olympics hands down! Makes me want to have another baby just to experience it!  I’ve both delivered and caught babies in your pool. They’re comfortable, provide stability, are simple to clean and midwife and dad friendly. Just a dream all the way around.
Alicia Witt Director, CEO at

“I have worked intensely with Keith when we developed a birthing bed together. He knows what he wants and needs and can define if a product meets the endusers’ criteria or not. He handles a very high standard and is creative. He is very straight and a deal is a deal. He knows the market and every product there is and never sits still. What I mean by that is staying on top of new developments to keep his products at the highest possible standard, as that is the ambition always.”
Tom Smit Export manager at Score BV

We’ve had the Venus since 2016 and 256 water births later can highly recommend Keith’s water birth pools. He is quick, helpful and kind in responding to any queries we’ve had and our mums and dads are very happy in using this pool! Thank you Keith!
Catherine Verrecchia – Sage-femme, Centre Hospitalier Annecy Genevois

“Let me introduce you to Keith Brainin who provided us with water birth pools for our birth centres. His pools are brilliant and the service he provides is excellent”
Dr Tracey Cooper MBE – Chief Midwife for the North East and Yorkshire

“I’ve worked with Keith Brainin from Active Birth Pools for years.  The testimonials he has received from professionals and mothers are evidence of his dedication to this unique and sensitive sector and I look forward to following the success of the business, and the continuing evolution of the water birth.” Steven Rapley – International Trade Advisor

I’ve used Active Birth pools for over 17 years.

They’re really beautiful, technically perfect and exceptionally easy to use.” 

Dr Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho PhD, MSc, RM – Lecturer in Midwifery

“I have been working with Keith for years as a distributor of his line of Active Birth Pools in the US and Canada. He is an individual of great integrity and trustworthiness and believes in continuously improving his already perfect line of birthing pools.
He is a true pioneer in the world of birth pools and has sharpened his pencil once again to improve upon what I thought was the perfect birth pool. With the new Active II and Venus II pools now in production, I guess you really can improve upon perfection!
I’m proud to be a part of the Active Birth Pools world-wide family.”
Tim Johnson-Grass – Family Health & Birth Center co-owner and Distributor of Birthing Pools

” I consistently hear from moms how much they love the pools! The space and depth allow them to benefit fully from the buoyancy.  As a midwife, I love the fact that I can move around the tub and catch babies from any position.
Rachel Stapleton – Midwife 25 years experience of water birth

“Beautiful pools and wonderful to see the history of their design and development. Thank you for all you have done  for mothers and midwives over the last 35 years to make birth more comfortable and peaceful.”
Amanda Edwards – midwife and active birth teacher

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith Brainin since 1985. His expertise is unparalleled. He is professional to work with and the high standard of his birth pools has resulted in them withstanding the test of time and many births”
Yehudi Gordon MB BCh, MD, FRCOG, FCOG SA  Author and water birth pioneer

“Even birth pools do not always permit free movement. Some are elaborate constructions with seats, handgrips and foot-rests. Movement in them is restricted, whereas Keith’s pools allow mothers to move freely to find the most beneficial positions”
Sheila Kitzinger MBE – author and childbirth activist

“Not only are they gloriously spacious and inviting, they are made to the highest specifications and considerations to maximise comfort and safety. In short, they are second to none!”
Sheena Byrom OBE – Activist, Midwife, Speaker and Author

Keith is very passionate and dedicated towards improving water births. We’ve worked closely together on multiple projects and he is always very professional. The pools are a designed to optimise the experience of mothers and midwifes and built to last forever.  They are truly one of a kind!
Brian Vester – Product Manager and Partner at GM Medical  

I have been dealing with Mr Keith Brainin for more than 10 years as a distributor for Birthing Pools in UAE. He is a dedicated and trustworthy business partner with strong business ethics. He has been consitent in manufacturing and delivering quality birthing pools with great standards. His commitment to his promises has been consitent.
His attitude towards his business and his partners is remarkable.
Its been a great pleasure knowing Mr Keith as a business partner and as a friend.
Binu George Varghese – Managing Director – Biomedic International

“Brilliant, like the wide rims so mums can sit on the side and swivel their legs round to get in and out, much safer. And, you can get your legs under the rim, so much more comfortable for midwives ”
A. Bentley NHS Midwife

“Your water birth pools have revolutionised birth”
Caitlin Wilson Senior Midwife, Meadow Birth Centre, Worcester District Hospital

GM Medical have worked with Keith for several years with great succes. Keith and his company have a portfolio of high quality products and an understanding of good partnership, which we highly appreciated over the years. Besides he is a great fun 🙂
Jesper Anker Fremming – CEO at GM MEDICAL A/S

Giving careful consideration to the needs of a laboring person and their attendants, Keith continues to improve the active birth pool design and provides a useful tool for enjoying a beautiful, gentle birth.
Yasmin Rose – Founder at Rise Birth Center | Co-Author “Birthing with Heart” | Hospital Consultant UAE

“You clearly have a tub that is far superior to all the tubs we have found, not only for patient comfort, but also for provider convenience”. 
Karen Werrbach MSN, RNC-OB, NEA-BC

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Keith Brainin from Active Birth Pools. Keith and I have had a business relationship since 2015. My company, Pregnancy Birth and Beyond, became the Australian and New Zealand Distributor of Active Birth Pools at that time. His knowledge of fixed birth pools and expertise in waterbirth pools is outstanding. With over 35 years of experience within the industry, Keith has developed the highest standard fixed birth pools on the market.
Active Birth Pools are second to none.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Keith and know him as a valuable asset to our company.”
Jane Palmer Private midwife, lactation consultant and educator | Company Director | Author




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