Intelligently designed to safely fulfil the needs of mothers and midwives

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 28.08.2022

Back in the mid-80s, we embarked on a journey alongside midwives, mothers, obstetricians, infection control specialists, and manual handling experts.

Together, we crafted the world’s very first hospital-grade water birth pool with meticulous attention to every detail.

Since then, we’ve continued to refine our designs, enhance our materials, and elevate our manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

This evolution has given rise to water birth pools that not only prioritize safety but also align perfectly with the needs of both mothers and midwives.

The Building Better Healthcare Awards judges put it succinctly, stating that the harmonious blend of evidence-based, user-centric, ergonomic design, specialized materials, and custom manufacturing has resulted in water birth pools that stand in a class of their own.

Our unwavering dedication lies in offering intelligently designed birthing pools that deliver unparalleled safety, remarkable value, and outstanding performance, all while remaining incredibly practical, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable.

At our core is a genuine passion for design and quality, fueled by an unwavering commitment to enhance the experience of labor and birth for midwives, mothers, and babies alike.

We’re proud to have supplied countless water birth pools to hospitals across the globe.

Our collaborations with end-users, specialists, and manufacturers have driven us to continuously develop and improve our capabilities.

Every Active Birth Pool is meticulously handcrafted to order in England by highly skilled artisans who take immense pride in their work and hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence.

Our design process takes into account the delicate interplay between mothers, midwives, and the birth pool.

We’ve embraced evidence-based, user-centric, ergonomic design principles to create water birth pools that are not only supremely comfortable but also effortlessly practical and user-friendly.

The intricate and inviting forms of our pools are designed to captivate both the senses and emotions.

Each curve, each contour serves a purpose, where form elegantly merges with aesthetic utility.

Through the seamless, one-piece fabrication process in Ficore®, we’ve revolutionized the concept of the birth pool.

This innovation has given birth to pools that seamlessly combine elegance, practicality, and ease of use.

The exceptional qualities of Ficore® empower us to produce water birth pools that excel in performance, value, and safety beyond measure.

Our deep understanding of the childbirth process and our commitment to midwives’ needs have driven us to design birthing pools that actively protect midwives and mothers from the potential risks associated with water birth.

We’re acutely aware of the potential for birth pools to harbor harmful bacteria.

In response, we’ve introduced a range of innovative features that not only mitigate risk but also amplify safety to the highest degree.

Your peace of mind and safety are at the heart of everything we do.

Active Birth Pools from a midwives perspective

Active Birth Pools from a mothers perspective

Safety First


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