Management of High Risk Women using Birthing Pool and Telemetry

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 26.05.2016

There is evidence that water emersion in labour offers women a safe and effective form of pain relief in labour to those women who meet the criteria (NICE, 2007; NICE, 2014; Garland, 2011).

The use of telemetry provides women greater choice and control over their birth experience to facilitate the use of water (Birthing Pool or Bath) in labour and birth where their pregnancy and labour has been categorised as high risk and requires continuous fetal monitoring.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been written to facilitate continuous fetal monitoring of high risk women in labour and birth who wish to use the birthing pool / water.

Telemetry is a wireless fetal monitoring device which facilitates continuous toco graph (CTG) monitoring where clinically indicated in the first and second stage of labour on a consultant led delivery suite.

Prior to the woman being offered the use of the birthing pool on the Delivery Suite consideration should be given to the plan of care and requirements of the woman and baby having reviewed the fully ante natal history.

The following lists are not exhaustive and full clinical assessment should be made on admission to delivery suite.

Click here for a copy of these guidelines


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