Active Birth Pool

Judges at the Building Better Healthcare Awards described the Active Birth Pool as an incomparable combination of intelligent design, superior materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

This large, luxurious pool is fully optimised to help mothers and midwives have a better experience of labour and birth.

The soft, round contours and organic form make this pool incredibly comfortable and appealing.

Mothers are fully supported and benefit from complete freedom of movement.

They move instinctively to find the positions that are most comfortable and beneficial.

The original Active Birth Pool has been widely regarded as the best water birth pool on the market for over 30 years.

“I’ve used Active Birth Pools pool for decades.

They give mothers a full range of positions and are very easy to work with.”

– H. Young, Senior Midwife, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust

Midwives are safeguarded from risk of strain or injury and enjoy greater overall job satisfaction.

They tell us that this is the most easy-to-use and comfortable pool on the market.

The extra-wide wrap around rim and cut-away surround are a game changers that makes it the safest most comfortable pool on the market today.

The pool provides a practical means for mothers to get in and out and for midwives to monitor and safely handle evacuations.

The new Active II has improvements that takes the original design a big step forward.

The rim level seat makes it easy for mothers to enter the pool, provides a comfortable perch for them to rest on and a practical means for monitoring and emergency evacuation.

The multi-functional “labour support seat” actively encourages the pelvis to open, provides support for upright postures and gives the mother a place to rest and welcome her baby.

The free-standing Active 360 gives gives mothers and midwives complete freedom of movement all around the pool

If space is at a premium consider the Princess Pool – small but perfectly formed and surprisingly spacious.

The mid-size Venus Pool combines purity of design with superior materials to produce a highly versatile water birth pool.

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