The Water Column takes water safety to a new level

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 21.04.2019

Freestanding water birth pools are becoming increasingly popular.

These installations typically present significant water safety and hygiene risks as rim mounted plumbing and fixtures provides the perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms to thrive.

For wall mounted installations the thermostatic taps, spout, handheld shower and grab rail are fixed to an IPS Panel in accordance with health department regulations.

For freestanding birthing pools a solution needed to be found.

To solve this problem we developed the Water Column – a bespoke design concept that separates the plumbing from the pool to optimise hygiene and water safety and provide crucial support for mothers and midwives.

It’s highly utilitarian, sleek ergonomic design complements the look and usability of our pools to create the ideal facility for water birth.

The wide rim, step unit and grab rail make it safe for mothers to get in and out of the pools.

The column is the perfect height for midwives to rest and lean on while attending the births.

Mothers have a choice of hand holds for support in upright and standing positions.

Adding colour to the column and step adds another dimension to the ambiance of the room.

The Water Column is available in the full range of British Standard or RAL colours.

The demountable handheld shower is essential for cleaning the pool after the birth.

It should be removed while the pool is being used to maintain optimum hygiene standards  and to not contravene relevant water safety regulations.

The Water Column has a large access panel at the back that opens up to give plumbers plenty of room to install the thermostatic mixing valve, pipework and associated fittings.

We supply the Water Column only, and not the plumbing or fittings pictured in the images above.

Shown is the Rada T3 Bath/Shower Tap with Rada Spout and Grohe Demountable Handheld shower.



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