Why the Room You Give Birth In Should Be Like the Room You Conceived In

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Blog: 21.12.2018

I remember first hearing of this concept from a talk that Michel Odent gave at the Active Birth Centre in London in the late 80’s.

It instinctively made sense to me.

Here’s why……

The concept of creating a birthing environment that mirrors the comfort and intimacy of the room where conception likely occurred holds significant merit.

Various studies and expert opinions emphasize the profound impact of the birthing environment on both the physiological and psychological aspects of childbirth.

The Impact of Environment on Physiological Birth

Research indicates that the environment in which a woman gives birth significantly influences the onset and progression of labor.

A calm, private, and safe ambiance is conducive to normal neuro-hormonal functioning, supporting the physiology of labor and birth.

This environment ideally should replicate the familiar, intimate setting akin to where conception might have occurred, as familiarity is linked to fewer medical interventions and greater maternal satisfaction​​.

Psychological Safety and Comfort

The psychological aspects of a birthing environment cannot be overstated.

Creating a home-like birth environment, similar to the personal and intimate setting of conception, significantly reduces the need for intrapartum analgesia and increases the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth and maternal satisfaction​​.

This is crucial, as the psychological state of the mother can profoundly impact the labor process.

The Role of Alternative Birth Settings

Alternative birth settings, such as bedroom-like rooms or ambient rooms, have been shown to increase the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth, breastfeeding at six to eight weeks, and women’s positive view of care.

These settings often include multi-sensory stimulations like vision, touch, sound, and aromas, which can be critical during labor and birth​​.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Elements like comfortable furniture, ability to control lighting and noise, and privacy are integral to creating a supportive birth environment.

These factors, reminiscent of a more personal and intimate setting, are crucial for ensuring a positive birthing experience.

The inclusion of familiar items and settings can play a pivotal role in mimicking the conception environment, thereby making the birthing process more natural and less stressful​​​​.


In essence, the room you give birth in should ideally reflect the room you conceived in due to its profound impact on the physiological and psychological aspects of childbirth.

Creating a familiar, comfortable, and intimate environment, similar to where conception occurred, can significantly enhance the birthing experience, leading to positive outcomes for both mother and child.

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