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Tutorial No. 113: Midwives comfort

Blog: 7.02.2017

One of the primary lessons I learned from the health service ergonomist concerned the physical dynamic of midwives as they interacted with mothers in the pool.

She showed me how the skirting panel becomes an obstacle that creates distance in-between midwives and mothers.

Midwives splay their legs and bend over to be close to the mother resulting in lower back and other associated aches.


This is because the skirting panels or surround is convex, vertical or built out from the pool and forms an obstacle in-between the midwife and the mother.

Fabrication in Ficore composite with modern manufacturing methods enable us to fabricate seamless one-piece pools with concave skirting panels sculpted to the shape and form of the pool.

This results in beautiful pools that are in full compliance with regulations and that provide maximum room under the rim for midwives to sit comfortably and for portable hoists to be employed.

Version 2

As you can see from the photo above the rim of our pools flows seamlessly over the bullnose shaped edge and down to the floor encompassing the form of the pool to provide plenty of room for midwives to sit with their legs underneath.

Comfortably seated on the ‘Saddle Seat’ with her arms resting on the extra-wide rim the midwife is able to look after the mother without strain or risk of injury.


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