Active II Birth Pool

A game changer that has revolutionised birth pool design!

We’ve taken the award winning Active Birth Pool and made it even better!
The Active II takes birth pool design to a new dimension of safety and usability.

If you look at the back rim you’ll notice a distinctive “keyhole” shaped channel cut out of it. This proprietary feature was trialed on the Princess Pool and proved such a success that we’ve upgraded the Active II to incorporate it.

The channel contains the plumbing with the spout positioned centrally above and drain fixed at the bottom. The mother is protected from the risk of hitting her head on the spout (a common occurrence) or coming in contact with hot water.

The interior of the pool is opened up giving mothers 360 degrees of unobstructed movement. They can now use the whole pool any way they want to and will find comfort and support wherever they are.

We’ve opened up access around the back of the pool by significantly widening the rim and reducing the bulk where the pool meets the wall.

The Active II gives midwives as much access to mothers as a freestanding pool and makes much more sense as it’s optimises space and freedom of movement both in and around the pool.

The Active II is a highly utilitarian pool birthing pool thats easier to work with and gives mothers and midwives more options.

The Active II is the same width as the original model but slightly longer.

Space permitting we suggest you consider the Active II as your 1st choice.

It’s game changer that makes a measurable difference.

“The pinnacle of water birth pool design and development.
An incomparable combination of design, materials and manufacturing”
Building Better Healthcare Awards

We know that we offer unbeatable service, safety, value and performance, and that mothers and midwives will love our beautiful birthing pools.

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