Eleven good reasons to choose Active Birth Pools

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 11.08.2019

1.  Uniquely qualified to be of service – we helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by providing the pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

2. Life time guarantee – we have supplied 1,000’s of water birth pools to hospitals around the world and built our reputation on reliability and customer service.

3. Superior material results in superior performance – choice of material is fundamental to the success of a water birth pool.

4. A greater possibility of normal physiological labour and birth –  our pools provide mothers with space to move freely in the postures natural to labour and birth

5. Anatomy of an Active Birth Pool  – we design and manufacture water birth pools that are regarded internationally as the industry standard.

6. Rated No. 1 for support, comfort and ease of use – we’ve spent decades observing the way that mothers and midwives move in and around the pool and considered how to best serve their needs.

7. The pinnacle of ergonomic design – Every shape, every curve, every varying degree of rounded corner – there is a reason behind them.

8. Built to last for decades – our water birth pools outperform all others on the market.

9. It’s easy for mothers to get in and our of our pools – the extra-wide rim, a defining feature of our pools allows mothers to simply sit and swivel into the water.

10. Dealing with emergencies – our pools give midwives safe, practical options for handling with emergency evacuations.

11. Rated No.1 for health and safety – innovative ergonomic design provides maximum comfort, support and safety.

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