Introducing the Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with Bespoke Water Column: A Pinnacle of Maternity Care Innovation

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.01.2022

Active Birth Pools offers the Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with Bespoke Water Column, a sophisticated solution tailored for healthcare facilities striving to provide exemplary maternity care.

This advanced combination integrates a state-of-the-art water birth pool with a functional and stylish water column, epitomizing the latest in design innovation and material technology for the maternity care sector.

Advanced Development for Modern Healthcare Needs

The Active II/360 Water Birth Pool, a product of Active Birth Pools, is designed to meet the evolving demands of contemporary maternity care.

Paired with the Bespoke Water Column, this system is the result of extensive research and collaboration with healthcare professionals.

The focus has been on creating a solution that offers superior functionality, safety, and comfort, while also addressing the practical needs of both healthcare providers and mothers.

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Experience

The Active II/360 Water Birth Pool is designed with an emphasis on ergonomic excellence and spatial efficiency.

The pool’s keyhole shape is not only visually appealing but also provides functional benefits, supporting a variety of birthing positions and movements.

The pool includes recessed hand grips and a bull-nose shaped rim for added support and safety.

The Bespoke Water Column is seamlessly integrated, offering an elegant solution for necessary plumbing and fixtures, thus enhancing the pool’s utility and aesthetic.

Superior Material Quality

Constructed from Ficore®, a proprietary composite material exclusive to Active Birth Pools, the Active II/360 offers exceptional durability, hygiene, and safety.

The material’s highly polished, ultra-smooth surface is less slippery, crucial for ensuring safety.

The Water Column, made from the same quality material, complements the pool’s design and maintains the high hygiene standards required in healthcare environments.

User-Centric Features

The Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with the Water Column includes a labour support seat, facilitating optimal birthing positioning and comfort for the mother and a rim-level safety seat for monitoring and emergency evacuations.

The pool’s design enables free movement, which is essential for the effective use of water immersion during labour.

The Water Column adds functionality as a stable support structure and a practical utility platform.

Integrated Technological Enhancements

The pool is equipped with Multi-Colour LED Lighting and Bluetooth Sound systems, enabling the creation of a personalized and soothing environment.

These features are integral in establishing a supportive atmosphere that is conducive to natural childbirth.

Sustainability and Economic Benefits

The durable design of the Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with Bespoke Water Column makes it a sustainable and economically sound choice for healthcare facilities.

Its long-term performance and reduced replacement requirements make it an efficient investment, aligning with the economic and environmental goals of modern healthcare institutions.

Global Adoption and Acclaim

The Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with Bespoke Water Column has been recognized globally for its innovative approach to maternity care.

Its adoption by healthcare facilities worldwide is a testament to its effectiveness, reliability, and commitment to advancing water birth practices.

In conclusion, the Active II/360 Water Birth Pool with Bespoke Water Column by Active Birth Pools represents a harmonious blend of advanced design, superior material technology, and thoughtful integration of user-centric features.

It stands as a strategic and innovative choice for healthcare facilities looking to provide a superior maternity care experience, offering comfort, safety, and efficiency in a comprehensive and elegant package.

Active II/360 Water Birth Pool – Data Sheet

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