Introducing the Active II Water Birth Pool: Enhancing Maternity Care with Advanced Design

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.01.2022

The Active II Water Birth Pool, designed by Active Birth Pools, is a state-of-the-art solution for healthcare facilities seeking to improve their maternity care services.

This advanced water birth pool incorporates a blend of ergonomic design, innovative material, and user-centric features, making it an exemplary choice in modern maternity care environments.

Development and Expertise

Rooted in the extensive experience of Active Birth Pools in the field of water birth solutions, the Active II Water Birth Pool is the product of collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals.

The design reflects a deep understanding of the needs of both mothers and healthcare providers, emphasizing safety, comfort, and ease of use.

Design Excellence

The Active II Water Birth Pool is distinguished by its unique shape and functional design elements.

The keyhole shape, integral to the design, is both visually appealing and practical, facilitating various birthing positions and movements.

The pool features recessed hand grips and a bull-nose shaped rim, offering mothers enhanced stability and support during labour.

Material Innovation for Durability and Hygiene

Constructed from the proprietary composite material, Ficore®, the Active II offers remarkable durability, with a lifespan significantly longer than traditional birthing pools.

This material presents a highly polished, ultra-smooth surface that is less prone to slipperiness, crucial for ensuring safety.

The hygienic qualities of Ficore® make it particularly suitable for the stringent cleanliness standards required in healthcare settings.

Ergonomic and Safe

The ergonomic design of the Active II includes features like a labour support seat for optimal birthing positioning and mother’s comfort and a rim-level safety seat for monitoring and emergency evacuations.

The pool’s dimensions are strategically determined to enable free movement, enhancing the effectiveness of water immersion during labour.

Integration of Modern Technology

Equipped with Multi-Colour LED Lighting and Bluetooth Sound systems, the Active II Water Birth Pool allows for a customizable birthing environment.

These technological features aid in creating a soothing and supportive atmosphere conducive to natural childbirth.

Sustainability and Economic Viability

Given its long lifespan and superior material quality, the Active II Water Birth Pool is a sustainable and economically viable option for healthcare facilities.

Its durability translates into a reduced need for frequent replacements, aligning with the economic and environmental goals of contemporary healthcare institutions.

Global Adoption

The Active II Water Birth Pool has gained recognition worldwide for its role in enhancing maternity care. Its adoption by numerous hospitals and birthing centres underscores its effectiveness and reliability as a top-tier water birth solution.

In conclusion, the Active II Water Birth Pool by Active Birth Pools represents a fusion of ergonomic design, advanced material technology, and user-focused features.

It is an asset for healthcare facilities aiming to elevate their maternity care services and offer a more natural and comfortable birthing experience.

Active II Water Birth Pool – Data Sheet

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