It’s easy to get in and out of our pools

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

In a wet environment there is increased risk of slipping.

Issues relating to Health and Safety, Manual Handling and plain common sense must be considered.

Manual handling experts strongly advise against the use of step units 

Multi-step units are commonly used but, they present critical safety risks, even if they have a handrail.

To have mothers in strong labour climb up, step over the rim and down into the pool is not safe or practical.

These step units take up too much space, obstruct movement around the pool and are a trip hazard.

The Active Birth Pools way

The extra-wide rim and step unit make easy and safe for mothers to get in and out of our water birth.

Provision of a compact, single step gives the mother a height advantage.

She can step up – sit on the extra-wide rim and swivel into the water.

There is no climbing – she is grounded at all times and safeguarded from risk.

A simple, safe and economical solution.

The maths: 

When we looked at the dynamics at play we considered short women specially as taller women don’t even need the step!
A women 150cm (4’11”) tall has an inseam of about 68cm (27″).
The step is 15cm (6″)high. The rim is 75cm (29.5″)
Standing on the step she is has inner leg height of 83cm (33″) and can easily sit down on the rim and swivel in.

We’ve posted a short video on YouTube showing  just how easy it is for mothers to get into our water birth pools –please have a look

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