Optional Equipment – Lighting, Sound and Step

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.10.2019

Light and sound have a profound affect on the atmosphere and ambiance of the birth room.

Our new light and sound systems provide you with a simple way of transforming the environment, making it more conducive for physiological labour and natural birth.

Our multi-colour LED allows users to cycle through a range of colours to find the colour most that they find most appealing.

Our bluetooth sound system enables users to connect their phones and listen to the music of their choice.

Two integral speakers turn the birth pool into a highly refined audio loudspeaker.

The extra-wide rim and step unit make easy and safe for mothers to get in and out of our water birth pools.

Provision of a compact, single step gives the mother a height advantage.

She can step up – sit on the extra-wide rim and swivel into the water.

There is no climbing – she is grounded at all times and safeguarded from risk.

To find out more about how simple and safe it is for mothers to get in and out of our water birth pools please click here.




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