Safety First

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 03.03.2023

When it comes to water birth pools there is nothing more important then safety.

There are important manual handling, water safety and infection control issues that must be considered and taken into account.

There are water birth pools available that meet the accepted regulatory guidelines, but unfortunately many water birth pools on the market fail to meet these requirements.

These water birth pools are equipped with features that at first might seem safe or even an advantage, but in reality present risks!

When we started in 1987  we knew that no matter how beneficial water birth pools were, if health and safety risks could not be overcome the use of water for labour and birth would not be a reality

Our abiding interest and unparalleled experience over the past 36 years qualifies us as one of the world’s leading experts on the Health & Safety issues that affect water birth facilities.

To find about these safety issues and how we’ve resolved them see below:

Active Birth Pools: Water Safety and Infection Control

Active Birth Pools: Manual Handling

Ficore® composite – an extraordinary material

It’s easy for mothers to get into our pools

Dealing with emergencies

Water Birth Safety Initiative

Cleaning and Care


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