Superior long term value and economy

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

Active Birth Pools birth pools outperform all others.

They deliver superior value, better results and greater long term satisfaction.

Pools we supplied in the early 90’s are still in active use today.

Below: the new Venus II Water Birth Pool 

Other birthing pools have a life span of 7-10 years and are not guaranteed for life.

Though competitors pools are 30% – 50% less then ours, over time they’ll cost far more as you’ll end up replacing them 3 – 4 times before you need to think about replacing an Active Birth Pool.

This yields significant savings  – up to £20,000 over the life of the pool!

And, you’ll also not have to experience the disruption, disturbance and additional cost that refurbishment brings.

Below: midwives celebrate the 25th anniversary of their water birth facility. This early iteration of the Venus Pool was supplied in 1992 and is still going strong.

hospital birth pools client list

Maternity units, both public and private must keep their numbers up to maintain budgets and revenue streams.

Active Birth Pools attract clients as they are highly appealing from both an aesthetic and psychological perspective.

The cost of an Active Birth Pool is soon recouped through increased revenue, and savings achieved by reduced use of medical methods of pain relief, interventions and shorter hospital stays.

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