We’re uniquely qualified to be of service

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.08.2019

If you’re looking for a water birth pool we’re uniquely qualified to be of service.

We’ve been dedicated to providing top quality water birth pools since 1987.

We helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by providing the pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.

1990 John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

We’ve achieved success by keeping things simple and focusing on our core principles of Safety, Value & Performance.

A passion for excellence and commitment to supporting midwives and helping mothers have a better experience of labour and birth defines our approach.

Mothers and midwives love our water birth pools.

Mothers benefit from complete freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort & support .

Midwives report better results, and say that our pools are fabulous and a pleasure to use.

We’ve supplied 1,000’s of pools over the past 33 years and worked with end-users, specialists and manufacturers to develop and improve our capabilities.

Our unrivalled knowledge and wealth of experience enable us to provide water birth pools that minimise risk, optimise results and maximise value.

We have achieved success by caring about every detail and keeping things simple.

The combination of highly specialised design and superior materials make Active Birth Pools the No.1 choice world-wide.

“I can’t tell you how much your pools have revolutionised birth. ”

C. Wilson Midwife Dewsbury District Hospital

“Brilliant, like the wide rim so mums can sit on the side and swivel their legs around to get in and out, much safer. ” 

A. Bentley NHS Midwife

“When asked about the history of birthing pools in hospitals I mention the day when Keith Brainin realised that special bath tubs might be designed and commercialised to meet the needs of labouring women.”

Michel Odent – author, obstetrician and water birth pioneer

 “The pool met all of my expectations. I’m convinced that the water helps you stay in control in the final stages.”

S. Stone – Maida Vale, W. London

 “Your birth pool made my labour so much easier I’d recommend it to every pregnant mother for her birth.”

Jill Ireland – Bristol

“You clearly have a tub that is far superior to all the tubs we have found in the US -not only for patient comfort, but also for provider convenience.”

Karen Werrbach Director, Women’s Health Institute Rush-Copley Medical Center

“Thank you for the awesome pools. My one regret is not trying out one myself before we opened the birth centre! Many thanks!”

Consultant Midwife Greenwich Birth Centre

We love your active birth pools, so much so we have one in every room on our birth centre ”

Jo Talbot Chorley & Preston Birth Centre Manager

Have used Active Birth Pools a lot in my career. They allow flexibility for women to change position. Watched the company grow over the years. Amazing what they have facilitated for women. Successful company too. Waterbirth anyone?”

H. Young Midwife Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust

“Thank you Keith… our new Venus Pool looks stunning!”

Jan Butler Consultant Midwife Rosie Hospital, Cambridge

“ The water birth pool was extremely comfortable and supportive and made such a difference – I don’t know what I would have done without it”

Sarah Copeland, Birmingham

“Let me introduce you to Keith Brainin who provided us with our Princess Pools in both of our birth centres. His pools are brilliant and the service that he provides is excellent.”

 Dr Tracey Cooper Consultant Midwife Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

“The new Venus Birth Pools have become the focal point of our birthing suites and are helping attract clients. Midwives and nurses have overwhelmingly applauded the birth pool’s design and safety.

They report the knee space, water depth, light, the wide rim and the seat in the pool as outstanding improvements over the original tubs, enhancing their ability to effectively provide care and drastically improve the clients experience.”

Amy Johnson-Grass,  Midwife, Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, President of the American Association of Birth Centers








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