Our range of water birth pools

K.D.Brainin Founder & Director
Blog: 05.10.2019

We’ve utilised ergonomic, evidence-based user-centred design to develop highly specialised pools for labour and birth.

It’s best to choose the largest pool that comfortably fits in your room, being sure that there’s plenty of space around the pool.
Minimum 80cm at the sides and 200cm at the front.

Please note: these are high definition rendered images – the pools look even better in real life!

Active II Water Birth Pool

Place your cursor on the model below to move the image around.

Active II/360 Water Birth Pool

Venus II Water Birth Pool

Venus 360 Water Birth Pool

Princess II Water Birth Pool

Princess 360 Water Birth Pool

Water Column

Would you like to see how our water birth
pools will look in your delivery room?

Simply click on this link with your phone or tablet.


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